Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Meandering

Well, I blew my wad last week and have nothing so exciting as baby showers and "cloffice" spaces to post about this week. 

I thought, though, that I would meander through the house and show you a few small improvements I've made over the last little bit.

This little improvement isn't mine to brag about, but it is awfully nice to see: sunshine pouring in the dining room windows.

This little space is what a hopeful real estate agent might call the "breakfast nook."  

In reality, it has rarely been used for breakfast, and is usually piled high with papers and detritus.  

(I had just spent considerable time cleaning this up before I took the picture last week.  I'm generally an over-sharer, but I don't want to horrify anyone with the full extent of my messes.)

I knew the table wasn't right for the space and, pretty soon after we moved in, knew we needed a round pedestal table in that space.  So, I have occasionally searched Craigslist over the last several months, watching and waiting.  Last week, I found it.

It fits the space much better and will, hopefully, make the space more useful.  In fact, Will ate breakfast there yesterday morning.

My next idea for the space is a built in bench under the windows, but that can wait.

I also broke out some white paint (found in the basement from previous owners - love the price of $0) last week and finally painted this basket. 

I know this picture must be driving my OCD friends crazy.  Yes, the basket is crooked and off-center.  But, perfection is boring.

I also painted this $3.90 mirror from the thrift store.

Very cute and cottage-y, don'tcha think?

So, that's a quick meander through some minor improvements at Chez Shaw.  

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.

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