Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Syrian refugees, Hurricane Matthew, U.S. politics, Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter.

Poverty, abuse, selfishness, ignorance, arrogance, heartbreak, stress, sin: in our homes and schools and churches as much as in the world.

A small Christian school in crisis; a toddler with equal measures curiosity, personality, and energy; a well-loved church family divided against itself; friends and family members hurting physically, relation-ally, and spiritually; children who need and deserve a more pro-active, discerning mother.

I have to confess that while I am truly thankful for some of these things, they all have been weighing on me recently.  Weighing heavily.

And while I appreciate all of the inspirational memes on Facebook and Instagram, and even Bible verses in pretty fonts with beautiful seascapes or sunsets behind them, I have to confess that I am still left burdened, as heavy-hearted as ever.

Clearly there is no long-term, ultimate hope in politics, or causes (however worthy they may be), or do-good-ing, or even - dare I say it? - theological rigor. 

I am weary.  Weary of sin and brokenness.  Weary of being offered solutions which are not solutions.  Weary of quick fixes, self-help slogans, and "buck up, buckaroo" kind of thinking.  And I suspect you may be, too.

In His grace, He brought Psalm 33 to me last week and I've been soaking in it ever since.

"He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord." vs. 5

We seem to see so little righteousness and justice and steadfast love in our world.  But here I am reminded that righteousness, justice, and steadfast love ARE found in Him, and no matter how much stuff is screwed up here and now, ultimately, He's going to prevail.  In the end, He wins. 

And, by his infinite grace, though Him, I win.  We win.  Everyone who finds their rest in him..


And that's just verse 5! 

Go read it.  You need it.  I need it.

And isn't it amazing that He gave it to us thousands of years ago?  Just so we could read it today and remember His righteousness,  His justice, and His steadfast love and find hope where there seems to be none. 

So, taking up my cross and following Him is not so much a burden but it is the only chance of surviving this sin-sick world.

I'm never sure I make complete sense and whether or not my theology is all kosher (so to speak) but it helps me to write out some of what I'm thinking.  It takes vague emotions and half-formed thoughts and helps me pin them down - a little bit anyway.