Sunday, November 21, 2010

William's Birthday

This year, William had the audacity to turn 13 years old. We strictly forbid it, but he did it anyway.

And, then, being the indulgent parents we are, we threw a party to celebrate the day!

William invited all of the boys in his class which is not as daunting as it sounds since there are only six boys in the 7th grade. And we took them bowling. We didn't take ourselves too seriously and had a good time. Below, William is wearing the birthday hat one of his friends made for him. A bunch of goofballs in his class, but we love 'em!
After a couple of hours of bowling, we went back to our house for pizza, ice cream cake, presents, ping-pong, and video games.
So, a fun day for all.
But also a little sad and nostalgic for me. This giant teen-ager with a voice squeaking into puberty was the first little one to steal my heart. I can remember simply sitting and watching him sleep because he was such a miracle to me. And he still is, of course, just in a very different way! Still just as precious but a lot harder to snuggle!
William's birthday generally falls somewhere close to parent/teacher conferences at Liberty and (at least so far) this has been a tremendous opportunity for us to hear others tell us what a wonderful young man our son is becoming. We try to hide it while we're there, but we go home every time beaming with pride.
We're eager to see what the Lord has for him to do with his life and so thankful for him in our life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine

Here's Sam in his Thomas costume.

He has kind of a love/hate relationship with any costume. He loves it until he has to wear it and then he hates it.

Happened at pre-school and, to a lesser degree, at the Reformation Celebration.

But for the moments he wore it, he was the cutest Thomas the Tank Engine ever!

Added on Friday morning: This morning, as Sam was working on yet another bead creation, he said, "Look, Mom, I'm a artist." Well, it's really cute when he says it. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy-ness as usual

Everyone now, "It's the most busy-est time of the year..." Okay, loses some of its charm, I guess. But is oh-so-appropriate for our life right now!

We were cruising along nicely through September and October, busy, but not too busy. We still had dinner together occasionally. We still sat down to watch a movie together occasionally. We still started the day with a resting heart-rate.

No more.

November has descended and with it, the rush. Quarter grades, parent/teacher conferences, birthdays, holidays, basketball season, doctor and dentist appointments (note to self: schedule those things in months other than November and December!), due dates, lesson plans, etc., plus the regular insanity of housework, homework, instrument lessons and daily meals.

I think I have this panic attack every November, but every November is cause for a fresh phase of panic!

If I sit back and think about it, though, with that eternal perspective we're supposed to have, it's all good. God is good and He has November and December well in hand, even if I don't!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls' Day Out

In honor of Johanna's birthday (which is Friday but Katie's schedule made it necessary to go today), Katie and I picked up Johanna from school at noon-ish and took her to lunch at Panera, then to the Mall of America for a shopping spree.After we shopped 'til we nearly dropped, we went to the American Girl store for late afternoon tea.

Johanna picked out this lovely young lady, named her Kirsten and proceeded to take good care of her while we partook of our tea.

When we got home, Johanna tried on her new outfit. She is quite the fashionista!
So, we're home now and ready to put our feet up. We had a pretty wonderful time, though, just us girls!