Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Shower

Here, at last, is the main event for that memorable day: the baby shower.

We went for a Beatrix Potter/English garden theme, but we tried to be subtle about it.

The English are nothing if not subtle, so we put aside our American love of all things gauche (Pepto-Bismol pink was out), and tried subtle for a change.

I made the little banner.  I'm afraid it was a little too subtle - it didn't really show up very well - but it was cute, if I do say so myself.

I hung baby dresses on the room divider. 

The yellow one on the top right was brought back for wee baby Anne by Uncle Steve when he was in Morrocco.  The white one below it was worn by little Katie.  The others were worn by other Copeland/Shaw babies.

Katie's friend, Julie James, made these sweet bouquets for us.  She took inspiration from Peter Rabbit and put parsley in the arrangements!  So cute!

We had cupcakes (of course), butter mints, nuts, three kinds of hot tea, a yummy citrus-y punch, and macaroons made by a friend of Katie's.

Each lady brought a tea cup and there were some beauties!

"Aunt" Nancy had a lovely devotional for us.  She had a series of little presents for Katie to open and each gift had a spiritual as well as physical significance.  Very sweet.

Then we moved to present opening!  Here, Katie was opening a pair of onesies that Johanna designed and made for Baby Donaldson.

Sean came toward the end and got in on some of the present-opening action.  

In all, there were about 27 ladies there, including Evie.  It was a wonderful mix of ladies who have known Katie since she was born and ladies who only know Katie as the elegant, talented Kathryn of the Pittsburgh Opera Chorus.  

And Baby D. is now well-equipped to make her entrance in a few weeks.

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