Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Well, if you can't brag about your kids on your own blog, where can you brag?

Last night as I sat up in bed reading, my oldest wandered in, probably looking to delay bedtime, but in an amicable, chatty mood.  I put down my book and we chatted for half an hour about school and life, everything and nothing.  No big life questions going on, no agenda, no discipline (good or bad), no particular purpose, just chatting.  It was balm to my heart that aches too often with the tension between a teen who is growing, stretching, testing, and parents who are worried, feeling our way, and, frankly, basically clueless.  Quiet time to reconnect is too infrequent with busy schedules and loaded timetables, so this just warmed my heart.

This afternoon, Micah scored four points in his basketball game.  These were his first points for this basketball season (which is almost over) and his grin was so good to see.  His team won by one point so that made his points all the more important!  I love to see my kids succeed!

Last week, Johanna moved up to the next level of math.  She is now in Saxon 6/5, if that means anything to you, or 5th grade math, if it doesn't.  She has been working since the beginning of the school year to try to do this and for her to make it...in math, no less!...I'm just proud as punch.  She obviously got her father's math gene, not mine!

Sam just keeps me smiling in general.  Tonight he was looking back through his math book and reminiscing.  He said to me, "Remember 86?  Page 86?  I remember it like it was yesterday."  (It was several months ago, now.)  He is still willing to snuggle with me occasionally and lets me read to him.

Funny how I used to feel like I'd be reading Good Night, Moon forever and now no one asks for it at all.

I don't stop to enjoy my kids enough so when I realized all four of these things in one evening, I had to write them down.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the precious gift of my children.


  1. It is really funny you wrote about this...I have been feeling sort of the same way..Just realizing that time is getting away, and I hope that I have no regrets. Personally I need to make sure that I am "busy" enjoying my children instead of being "busy" with all of the details of life. I am also trying to get a handle on the changing relationship of older child-parent...I just keep telling Isaac who is almost 12, that I am afraid of what everyone says about the teenage years, and we don't have to be like everyone else..I think he gets it, and feels the same way. Your gang is so precious looking!

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  3. ack. Somehow your comments are making me crazy. I thought this was double posted...

    anyhow... inquiring minds want to know... what is special about page 86?

  4. I think that he earned himself some m&m's for page 86 and that is what made it special. :-) It's all in the motivation.

    Oh, and Toby, I've tried to comment on your blog a few times. Have any of my comments come through? Didn't seem like they were sticking for some reason.

  5. You know, that is a good question... I just don't know. But I have arranged a little test. I posted a new thingy this morning at http://carpebanana.blogspot.com/ If you get a chance to (try to) comment, I will let you know if it comes through. If not, I shall try to track down the mystery... a little excitement on a very white Saturday.

  6. Yay! your comment worked fine. :)

    and yes, DH liked it... in fact, he is eating it up...