Monday, April 22, 2013


Seems to me like weekends have a reputation for being laid back; providing time to relax, kick back, and refresh.

In that case, then, this last weekend was not a weekend!  

It was a busy, tiring, wonderful time, though!

Starting back into last week, Wednesday John's parents arrived from Ohio.  Thursday we had a snow storm.  Friday night, a number of "dignitaries" from the presbytery and beyond were here for John's installation as General Secretary for Home Missions and Church Extension.  

Here's the only picture I have of the event, so far.  John, with his parents behind him.  This photo shows a moment in time, but also represents a lifetime of moments.  John is who and where he is because of these two and their commitment to the Lord and to church planting. 

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at church where Tony Curto spoke on foreign missions and Dick Gerber spoke on home missions.

Saturday evening, we went with Will to his spring formal.  

Yes, parents were invited.  No, he didn't particularly want us along.

But we know deep down he really wanted us there.  Right?  Fifteen-year-olds just aren't very good at expressing those things.  They're buried way down deep.  W-a-a-a-y down.

Here are the old folks.  Ma and Pa.  All gussied up for a night out.

The formal was on a paddle boat on the St. Croix River and quite lovely.  It included dinner and an impromptu dance for the kids and some younger faculty members.  A good night to celebrate and have fun.

The Lord's Day included the usual things, except for a nap!  I rely on my Sunday afternoon nap!  

I guess I'll have to take my Sunday afternoon nap today!  

John's parents left this morning, headed into Wisconsin to visit other family.  They left just before the next snow storm is supposed to hit us.

Yes, snow storm.  In April.  The end of April.  

Now I really need that nap.

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