Monday, April 15, 2013

Sam's Birthday

Sam's birthday?  Again?  Already?

Yup.  My boy's growing up.  Seven years old yesterday.  

This year, for the first time, he had a friend party.  Three of his bestest friends from church came over for two hours of crafts, cake, ice cream, and presents.  Sadly, neither of my cameras was in working order (stupid batteries!) so Johanna took a few pics on my pathetic camera phone.


For supper, we had Pat and Katie over.  Again, no camera.  Pat took some pictures but I can't get them onto my computer for some reason.  

The most important part of both parties, though, was the cake.  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

That's my boy!

Here's an image from Sam's first birthday!  Awwwww!  What a sweetie!  

He's a blessing, for sure!  

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