Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biker Dude

Sam has been surprisingly reluctant to try biking, despite the best efforts of Pat and Katie in getting him outfitted and on his way. 

This week, though, he's been out a couple of times and seems to have decided that he likes riding his bike. 

He's still no daredevil, though.  He got up to something above a "crawl" and said, "I'm going pretty fast, huh, Mom?" 

He is quite adept at falling safely.  He turned a corner and one training wheel dipped into the grass.  The bike started to tip so Sam threw himself to safety, landing in the soft grass. 

Whew!  Close call! 

Eventually, we'll get everyone geared up for a family bike ride.  Hopefully, William won't be gone to college yet when that happens!

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