Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fair and First Day of School

No fancy titles this time; these days I'm going for simple, straighforward and informative. My creativity gets squeezed out of existence during busy times like this.

But just so my reading public doesn't become too restless, I will post a picture from the state fair and some from the first day of school.

The picture to the left was taken during our annual cookie break at the fair. We get a bucket of Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies, a bag of mini-donuts, and several cups of milk (with free refills!) and pig out. We have fewer and fewer leftovers to take home as the kids get older! But it's tradition and it's a good one.

We had a good time at the fair. We were faint with exhaustion but not with hunger when we finally headed to the car after a record-breaking nine hours there!

That was Friday. On Monday, bright and early, the three oldest kids, three of my babies, mind you, set out for school.

Why must one always bribe children with a silly shot so that they will submit to a few good shots?

Of particular note, is Johanna's first day; her first day in a "real" school. She was a little nervous, a little tearful, the night before, but was all smiles and laughter by the end of the day.

God is good.

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