Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Craziness

Well, here we are, ready for another school year, another autumn, another football season, another soccer season (August was sad for some and a blessed relief for others while there were no sports going on!), another adjustment to getting up when the alarm clock rings rather than ignoring it and sleeping until the sun insists you get up, and so on.

This year, we have four kids and one mom gearing up for school. Johanna is going into 3rd grade at Liberty, her first year in "real" school. Needless to say, she is terrifically excited! Micah is entering 5th grade, top dog at the LCA Lower School. And William is starting 7th grade, firmly in middle school and nearly a teen-ager! This fact is too incredible for me to even comment on it.

As for me, I am thrilled to be teaching at Baldwin Christian School, a classical Christian K-12 school in Baldwin, WI. Yes, that is an entire state away from us! But, we live about 20 minutes from the state border and the school is about 20 minutes beyond that. The commute is long, but I couldn't pass up these classes: literature, creative writing, and rhetoric. I will have students in grades 9-12 and small classes so grading will be minimal.

Like most teachers, I would teach for free but you have to pay me to do grading!

I will teach Tuesdays and Thursdays for most of the day.

On those days, Sam will come with me and attend preschool at BCS. He is quite excited to be starting his formal education, although he just thinks it's fun!

Poor John will be left in a quiet house all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whatever will he find to keep him busy and to keep him from missing us all too terribly?

Not to be left out of the fall frenzy, John will once again be coaching the middle school soccer team at LCA. At least he'll have something to do!

Goodbye, summer! See you in June!

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  1. My goodness -- when did you get this job? How exciting and fun. Tell me more!