Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, the Drama!

Last night, Micah's class performed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for a crowd of adoring parents and grandparents (and exhausted teachers). This performance was absolutely their best effort and a great success. An audience transformed these 22 children from a bunch of easily-distracted-goof-offs to performers.

There were certain lines from the script that I had given up on ever hearing again. I thought they had the gist of the line and the play still made sense so I wouldn't make a big deal about it anymore. Well, last night, these same lines miraculously re-appeared, as though they were lurking in the backs of the actor's heads, waiting for an audience to draw them forth.

Titania was queenly as she never had been before. Puck was lively and mischievous as he never had been before. Francis Flute/Thisby was over the top as he usually is. Bottom was more ridiculous than ever. Lysander looked around with a pleased grin when the audience laughed at his lines and this spurred him on to even more enthusiastic delivery of his lines. The entire cast was injected with new energy and excitement.

Without all of the practice this performance would not have been possible. Equally, without the appreciative audience this performance would not have been possible. Seems rather unfair.

But the process has been fun in and of itself, as well. I have enjoyed getting to know the students and the teachers and I have enjoyed delving into Shakespeare at least once a week. I have not enjoyed the minor dramas over casting and costumes! But those go with the territory as well.

Finally, I must mention the outstanding performance of Micah. Micah shared the role of Puck with another student and both did very well last night. But as Micah's doting mama, I must say that I am so proud of how Micah did. He had fun and it showed.

So, another show we may consider a success. Next year? Hmmm. Not ready to discuss that yet!

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