Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another busy week

Here it is, already a week and a day since I last put a post on here. Time just flies around here!

Exciting news in the world of sports: William got a basket in Tuesday's game! This is now his highest scoring season to date with a total of one basket and one free-throw. That's only the beginning, folks. We expect to see Timberwolves scouts at his games any day now! Well, okay, we won't hold our breaths or anything. But still, he's doing well, steadily improving.

I have a cough this week. I can't ever have brief, dainty bouts of coughing. No, I always sound like I'm hacking up a lung and it goes on for days and days! Nothing but codeine seems to touch it, but I bought some NyQuil for tonight and we'll see if it works. If I have another sleepless night, I'll have to break down and go to the doctor. No offense, Joel and Jeff, but I avoid going to the doctor if at all possible.

Tomorrow night is our church's congregational meeting, so John has been busy preparing that as well as two sermons for Sunday.

Tomorrow is Micah's birthday and Saturday afternoon, we're having a party with four of his friends.

Saturday morning, I have a baby shower to bake for and attend. That event is just up the street, so at least I don't have a long drive.

So, we are busy, but doing well. We are so blessed. God is good.

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  1. Are you baking under duress again? :) I hope you feel better soon!!