Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hello again!

I was thinking the other day about why my blog lies abandoned for such long periods of time.  It certainly is not because we're not doing anything!  I identified a couple of common reasons, though:

1.  I am too lazy to download the pictures on my camera and who wants to hear about something fun we've done without a few pictures?

2.  We're busy but we're not doing anything that is really "blog-worthy" - whatever that means.

3.  At the end of a long day when I finally have a minute to sit down, the last thing I want to do is to craft an entertaining/amusing/thought-provoking/inspiring/whatever post.  I use up a lot of words in a day and even I run out of words at some point!  I don't need the pressure of that demanding little cursor blinking at me from the top of an empty page!

And so I don't write.

And then pretty soon I look and see that it has been four months since I last posted.

I know it's not like anything seriously depends on my writing my blog, but I like to think that it helps us to stay in touch with those we love, plus it lets me flex my writing muscles!  And since I don't scrapbook anymore, this is a good place to keep track of the kids as they grow.  

Grow up. And up. And up.  And then leave me!  Alone and desolate!  

I may be having the mommy version of senioritis.  My baby, my first baby, the most beautiful baby in the world (declared so by my grandmother and she would know), is a senior in high school!

Almost as hard to believe: Micah is in 10th, Johanna is in 8th, and Sam is in 4th.

I wrote all that several days ago.  As so often happens, I start in on something and then get called away by one thing or another and there it sits, abandoned, waiting for my return!

Well, I'm going to post this before I get called away again!

The above picture is from the first day of school.  Amazing how relaxed and even happy they were this time - so different from two years ago!  Praise the Lord!

And just to be sure Miss Evie doesn't get left out...


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