Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Colorado Trip, part 1

This summer, we took a trip to Colorado for a big Copeland family reunion.

Before meeting up with the larger Copeland clan, we met my parents and siblings and their families for a couple of days of sightseeing and hanging out.

The day we were in Colorado Springs was rather disappointing as the mountains were completely obscured by fog!

Standing in front of our hotel, Mom pointed up and said, "Pike's Peak is right there!" But all we could see was a wall of gray!

We headed to Garden of the Gods anyway to see what we could see.  It is less impressive without the mountains for backdrop!

We visited Hanging Rock which did not require a long-distance view.

Here are my kids with their cousins, one of whom was very amused by pretending to fall backwards off the rocks.

We had fun climbing the rocks and pretending to hold up the Hanging Rock.

Mostly because we were all together, and that's fun even without a gorgeous mountain view!

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