Wednesday, August 6, 2014

End of July

Two weeks ago, we drove down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for our first FAC Retreat.

FAC stands for Faithful Adoption Consultants.  This company works with adoptive families and adoption agencies and facilitates matches for their clients.  Two years ago, we were one of their clients; they helped to get our profile book into the hands of Evie's birth mom, and then they prayed for, encouraged, and advised us all the way through the process of adoption and beyond.

One of the perks of being an FAC family is the on-going support from Courtney and Jessica, but also from the other adoptive families who are former clients.  This annual retreat is one way to help and encourage each other, particularly as adoptive families.  

This picture is of Courtney, founder of FAC, and Jessica, the other consultant and the one who worked with us a lot on Evie's adoption, and some of the kids they have helped to adopt.

It was a fun weekend and we all made new friends and rejoiced in the blessing of adoption. 

The weekend was also exhausting with long days at the pool, late nights out, and long drives there and back.

Monday after we got back, Johanna and I were both under the weather so the boys were supposed to watch out for Evie.  This is what happens when the boys are left in charge - Evie gets into an entire loaf of bread and brings it up to my bedroom.  She occasionally took a bite from one armful or another so I guess they weren't feeding her enough, either.

See the dog back there, too?  She's supposed to stay downstairs in the family room.  At least she was cleaning up behind Evie.


This is where I start singing, "Let it go...Let it go..."

One day won't harm anyone, I suppose.  Thankfully, the next day Johanna and I were back up and around so order was restored.  More or less.

This is just Evie being silly.

So is this.

Evie is quite the kisser, now.  She loves to give out kisses and hugs and we are all happy to return them.  

There's a lot of love around here. 

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