Thursday, September 26, 2013

House Tour

Dining Room

Since we had the house cleaned up (ish) for company, I thought I'd take a few pictures so those of you far away can see our new digs.  

I have a cleaning hangover this morning - headache and no energy - so clearly I will be doing nothing today and the house will revert to its usual state of disarray, but at least I'll have this post to return to and feel good about.

Do I sound bitter?

Family Room

Kitchen (from the back door)

Clearly this is not a "House Tour" as in "Come see my show house that I've spent hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on decorating!"

Kitchen (from dining room)

It's much more ordinary than that.  It's just pretty much what our house would look like if you were coming for dinner.  

Living room

In the picture above, if the camera panned a little bit left, you could see the dining room.  I'm standing in the front corner of the house, to the right of the front door.

Living room - taken from the front door.

I'm not sure the upstairs will ever be presentable enough to put on here, but this, at least, is the first floor of our new house.

Of course, it is much better in person, so maybe you'd better come over and see it for yourself.  

And stay for coffee.  

Ooh, and a pumpkin snickerdoodle! 

(Thank you, Pinterest!)

But maybe after my nap.

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