Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Mantel

Facebook comes under a lot of well-justified criticism, but, really, it was made for people like me.  

I am the sort of person who wants a lot of input on questions, believing that wisdom lies in a multiplicity of advisers.  

So, last week when I was trying to figure out what to do with my living room mantel, I posted a picture on Facebook and, boy, did I get a multiplicity of advisers!

I got mostly helpful input from female friends, and mostly unhelpful, "funny" input from males.

My first mistake was asking what I could do to "jazz up" the mantel, so this led to comments like "you need four things, a saxophone, a trumpet, a clarinet and a baby grand piano. The hard part is getting the piano to balance on the mantle so it isn't constantly falling off" and "Miles Davis. Duh."

My second mistake was misspelling "mantel" as "mantle."  This generated less humor, but still prompted a few comments.  

Anyway, when all of the smoke cleared, I went to the thrift store and the dollar store, then pulled in a few things from around the house and came up with this.

I would still like to add a "Thankful" banner.  Something sort of like this.

So, we had a fun Facebook discussion, and now I have a lovely autumnal mantel.  Win/win!  


  1. Wow! Makes an old friend just want to walk in and stay a while for a chat and a coffee! Great job.
    p.s. Not seeing any complete works of Austin or Shakespeare up there. Tsk.
    Love Deb

    1. No, but that gives me an idea for a future "themed" mantel! :D

      Oh, how I wish you COULD come for a chat and a coffee! :( Miss you!