Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of August

Wow!  Here we are at the end of August! 

In some ways, this summer has flown by in a blur.

In other ways, this summer has been the longest of my life!

Our Minnesota school, Liberty, had its first day of the 2013-14 school year yesterday, and it's amazing to think how far we've come from the last day of school in May.

We have driven through 18 different states, some of them multiple times. We have driven over 7,300 miles, not including "around town."  We have dipped our toes in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

We have moved all of our earthly goods halfway across the country and endured all of the physical work of emptying one house and filling another, not to mention the emotional work of leaving a well-loved group of friends and starting over in a new place.  

Many of you know the things we are going through with finalizing our adoption right now, and that has consumed quite a bit of mental and emotional energy, as well.

But next week, we start a new school year, with new hopes and challenges for us.  Truly, a new adventure.

It will be strange for me to have just one little one at home again.  It's been thirteen years since I only had one little one at home, with no one homeschooling or anything!  

I will admit to looking forward to some quiet, though, especially after the hectic summer we've had.  Evie and I can take walks and visit parks and try out libraries and read books and experiment with new recipes for exotic after-school snacks.  And we'll take the loveliest naps!

Ah, nap time!  Best time of the day!  

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