Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandpa's Birthday

 I'm starting from the end of our vacation, but this was probably the most important event of our trip: Grandpa Copeland's 90th birthday.

 Grandpa was born in 1921 on a farm near Idana, Kansas, the third of six children.  Other than a stint in the army during World War II, he has lived in Kansas, Nebraska, or Iowa all of his life.  He and my grandmother, Arvilla, raised three boys.  He now has grandchildren and great-grandchildren across the country and around the world (my uncle Stan is in Germany and cousin David is in Iraq).  
 Here are the six grandchildren who could make it to the party.  (This picture was actually taken the next day when we had dinner at Perkins.)  Only one of Grandpa's sons could make it (Stan in Germany; my dad still laid up from foot surgery) we still made a pretty big crowd of Copelands!

We had a lovely party with the folks at Shawnee RP Church; they've been Grandpa's church family for many years now and we were glad to share the celebration with them. 

Times like this remind me of the amazing, Godly heritage I've been given and I praise the Lord for his goodness and grace.  I pray that that heritage extends for every generation of our family and beyond until the Lord comes again.

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