Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Finally, last Thursday, the long-awaited Birthday arrived! 

In addition to birthday excitement and cupcakes, it was pajama day at preschool, so Sam got to wear his Spiderman pj's all day long! 

In the evening, we had Pat and Katie as well as Andre, Heather, and little Joseph over for cupcakes and present opening. 

Sadly, there was no cookie launcher among the presents. 

After such an extended lead-up, I'm not sure the actual day lived up to its hype.  Sam's teacher commented that he seemed a little tired.  No wonder when he didn't get to sleep until late the night before and woke up earlier than usual on the morning of. 

But, then, perhaps the anticipation is most of the fun.  On Friday, he started planning for his 6th birthday. 

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