Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

The kids in their Easter finery

Look out, ladies. 

These are some of the beautiful tulips from church.  Suddenly it feels like spring in our kitchen!

My favorite Easter song, or here, anthem, is by William Billings.  I've posted it before at Easter time but here it is again.  It's worth repeating. 

"The Lord is ris'n indeed,


Now is Christ risen from the dead,

and become the first fruits of them that slept.


And did He rise?

Hear, O ye nations, hear it, O ye dead.

He rose, He burst the bars of death,

He burst the bars of death and triumph'd o'er the grave.

Then I rose,

then first humanity triumphant passed the crystal ports of light,

and seiz'd eternal youth.

Man, all immortal hail, hail,

Heaven, all lavish of strange gifts to man,

Thine's all the glory, man's the boundless bliss."

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  1. That is a good Easter anthem! I love the tulips too. Nathan gave me a bunch for our anniversary, and spring was in our kitchen for awhile, too. I wish it would come to South Dakota as a whole!