Monday, March 7, 2011

Sam's Birthday Wish-list

Sam is extremely excited about the prospect of his fifth birthday.  This excitement began soon after Micah's January birthday and was, I suspect, fueled by well-meaning but misguided older siblings. 

My policy is to avoid discussing birthdays until a week before the big day, thereby minimizing expectations.  With a bossy older sister and party-lovin' older brother, though, Sam could hardly avoid the birthday hysteria.

One day a couple of weeks ago, Sam wanted me to help him write down his birthday wish-list, so I wrote while he waxed eloquent on the secret wishes and desires of a soon-to-be five-year-old.

The list included:
Hero Factory
Transformer Legos
Lego knight set
Lego Pharaoh Quest
Bionicle star

I'm not completely familiar with all of these items but they seem like what one might expect from a little boy. 

What I didn't expect were the following:
cookie maker
tortilla maker
apple muffin maker
pretend medicine
watch (why? he can't tell time yet!)

And the one that still makes me chuckle: a cookie launcher.  What that is or where he got the notion, I do not know, but it's pretty funny. 

If anyone knows where to get a good, cheap cookie launcher, please let me know.  Maybe Craigslist...?

Then again, maybe I'm thinking too literally and he is talking about computer programming.  I always knew I'd give birth to a genius. 

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  1. well, I can't help you with a cookie launcher, but a few years back DH made some awesome marshmallow guns out of pvc pipe. I highly recommend them for a high fun factor. old post at:

    oh, and back to add. My confirmation code was "reducks." Now, isn't that a fun word? "DH reducks his head every time he enters our schoolroom because of the low ceiling."