Thursday, March 10, 2011

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Today, my class from Baldwin, WI, came my direction and we visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 
This "Sunburst" by Dale Chihuly is made of blown glass and weighs more that 3,000 pounds.  It hangs in the foyer of the museum and greets visitors as soon as they enter the building.
This piece is a tiny portrait of Charlotte of France, done by Jean Clouet in about 1522.  I'm not sure what I like about this -maybe the detailed clothing - but I like it.
My friend and fellow teacher, Maribel, introduced my to this disturbing number.  One might well swear it is a man in drag!  The fact is that this subject was a married woman about 34 years old. 

And so that I don't leave you with that unsettling image...

 This "Veiled Lady" by Raffaelo Monti is carved from a solid piece of marble.  It is part of the permanent collection at the MIA and a real beauty. 

We also got to see a travelling display of Titian pieces.  (My teens handled the nudity with admirable maturity.  After a warning on Tuesday!). 

It was wonderful to spend the day surrounded by such beauty. 

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