Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing: George Washington

Last week, Johanna gave a presentation to her class.  The subject was George Washington. 
Most of the other students have had costumes to represent their character from history.  Unfortunately, my bag-wig and Continental Army officer uniform were at the cleaners, so Johanna had to settle for wearing her dad's letter jacket.

Any ideas what the connection is to John's high school letter jacket? 

Yes, that's right, the Maranatha Christian School mascot was a Patriot and George Washington was a patriot. 

John came up with that clever connection.  It became a good way for Johanna to introduce her talk. 

You can see her display board behind her. 

The hardest part of the whole thing was getting up and talking in front of everyone.  This struck fear in the heart of our quiet, timid, retiring daughter. 

Now, those of you who know this daughter are chuckling.  But, it's true.  This business of getting up in front of people caused a few tears the night before. 

But she did very well and we were proud of her!

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  1. I recently saw a survey which said the #1 greatest fear in America is public speaking. #2 is death.