Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls' Day Out

In honor of Johanna's birthday (which is Friday but Katie's schedule made it necessary to go today), Katie and I picked up Johanna from school at noon-ish and took her to lunch at Panera, then to the Mall of America for a shopping spree.After we shopped 'til we nearly dropped, we went to the American Girl store for late afternoon tea.

Johanna picked out this lovely young lady, named her Kirsten and proceeded to take good care of her while we partook of our tea.

When we got home, Johanna tried on her new outfit. She is quite the fashionista!
So, we're home now and ready to put our feet up. We had a pretty wonderful time, though, just us girls!


  1. Wow! Katie looks so stylish! Love the cute outfit on Johanna...and the sentiment of a girls day out :-)

  2. gotta love a budding fashionista! now if only she can become a thrifty fashionist...then you have it made....

  3. Oh, yes. We got most of that outfit at Marshall's and the rest at Old Navy's clearance rack! :)