Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy-ness as usual

Everyone now, "It's the most busy-est time of the year..." Okay, loses some of its charm, I guess. But is oh-so-appropriate for our life right now!

We were cruising along nicely through September and October, busy, but not too busy. We still had dinner together occasionally. We still sat down to watch a movie together occasionally. We still started the day with a resting heart-rate.

No more.

November has descended and with it, the rush. Quarter grades, parent/teacher conferences, birthdays, holidays, basketball season, doctor and dentist appointments (note to self: schedule those things in months other than November and December!), due dates, lesson plans, etc., plus the regular insanity of housework, homework, instrument lessons and daily meals.

I think I have this panic attack every November, but every November is cause for a fresh phase of panic!

If I sit back and think about it, though, with that eternal perspective we're supposed to have, it's all good. God is good and He has November and December well in hand, even if I don't!

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