Monday, September 27, 2010


However you pronounce it, we've got plenty!

I confess that I am hoping this is the end of the crop.

I am amazed at how many tomatoes we're still getting even when September temperatures have been so cool.

We're thinking of calling Mulder and Scully to check out this one. These are undoubtedly alien markings, some sort of communication between Martians and their human conspirators, showing the path to the mother ship. Do I watch too much TV?

Now the question on all of these tomatoes is...what do I do with them? Any recommendations or requests?

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  1. I must confess that I too have been picking record numbers of tomatoes this year. So far, and yes I am now bragging, I have canned 85 quarts of whole tomatoes, 20 or so pints of tomato sauce, 10 pints of salsa, and today, picalilli. I am thinking maybe I should start praying for the first frost to come along soon. Love ya! Nellie