Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall TV Line-up

As fall gets into full swing here, TVLand wakes from its summer of reruns and makes another go at capturing and keeping viewers. I find that as I get older, I have less and less patience for TV or even movies - maybe the internet is ruining my ability to sustain a story line in my head for more than 3.5 seconds - so if a show is going to grab my attention it has to offer something I'm really going to like - something that keeps me coming back for more.

At the moment, those shows are:

Psych - John and I discovered this show this summer and it is hilarious!

Chuck - who wouldn't love a computer geek turned international spy?

Castle - Rick Castle is a mystery writer who shadows a police detective. He has corny humor and literary elan, a perfect combination.

Covert Affairs - this isn't a "can't miss" for me but quite enjoyable when I do catch it.

19 Kids and Counting - Johanna and I love to watch this show and marvel at this family and think, "What if *we* had 19 kids." (I try to shield her from the harsh reality of what *our* house would be like with that many kids!)
So, what are you watching?


  1. I was just watching a fall preview and thinking that nothing looks watchable. I've yet to see Psych, but I've heard it's good...need to find out when it's on. I also watch Bones. Used to be a Lostie, but that's finished now. Sigh. I also watch/dvr Project Runway.


  2. Castle and Psych are both AMAZING! You should also check out a new show called The Event. I believe it is on ABC on Monday nights. Since 24 has ended, I have needed a replacement, and this one is perfect. I'm hooked! : )