Monday, June 28, 2010

Orchestra Camp

Last week, William attended an orchestra camp with other middle-schoolers. He moaned and complained about having to go to the camp, but once he went, he admitted to having a good time. Ha, ha, mom was right.
Parenting 101 - gloat when you're right because it will happen less and less frequently.

Here's the maestro after Friday's half-hour concert.
The camp was well-done and the concert was enjoyable. William seemed to learn a lot and have a good time.
Future Minnesota Orchestra concert master! I guess New York Philharmonic would be okay, too.

I had to include this picture because it is so indicative of the kind of craziness around here. Unfortunately, Micah is missing from the scene so it can't show the full scope of the insanity, but you can get some idea.

Remember the bumper sticker that read: "Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your kids?" Yeah. Now I get it.

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