Monday, April 26, 2010

Party time!

Once again, Pat and Katie hosted Sam's birthday bash. This year, the party started with an outdoor scavenger hunt to find bags of lollipops! Yes, you count five kids in the photo above. The little girl on the right is the daughter of some friends from China who joined us for the fun. (Pat [in the green] had shoulder surgery and was still sporting the sling.)

Here is Sam with his apple cake. Months ago, he took it into his head to have an "apple cake" at his birthday - don't know how or why the notion came to him, but there it was and there it remained. I asked if the cake should be shaped like an apple or have apples in it, and he definitely meant for it to be shaped like an apple. So, Katie took the challenge!

And did very well!
There's my baby blowing out 4 candles!

Sam received many wonderful presents, including this Webkinz shitzu from his siblings.
Special thanks to Pat and Katie for another lovely birthday party and to the grandparents and friends who sent gifts to make it so much fun! I don't think Sam will ever worry that he is unloved!

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