Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visual Vacation

The photo in the banner above was taken on the banks of Loch Lomond at sunset. The subject is
Ben Lomond, the mountain peak which dominates that valley. In the original picture, the mountain is a little better centered, but Blogger made the above edit on its own without consulting the photographer.

Here's another photo of the loch itself.

This photo was taken from the grounds of the mansion-cum-youth hostel where the students stayed. The Ben Lomond picture was taken from our hotel room, right on the water's edge (there are some perks to being the chaperones!).

So, we dropped off the students at their hostel and the bus dropped the four chaperones at our lovely hotel. We checked in and headed for our rooms. Tom and I were rooming in together as we had before on the trip.

As we had when we were 5 and 9 years old. Oh, the sibling joys.

We expected the usual: TV, coffee pot, bathroom, and two beds.

We got to the (tiny) room and found TV, coffee pot, bathroom, and...a double bed.

"Oh, no," I thought. "We can never tell *anyone* about this. Especially not the students. They'll think we're freaks for sure. Maybe we can put a row of pillows down the middle of the bed. Maybe I can sleep on the tiny balcony in the freezing cold Highland night. Well, maybe Tom can sleep on the tiny balcony in the freezing cold Highland night."

I love my brother; he's a great brother; especially since he invited me to help chaperone this trip; but the thought of sleeping in the same bed was...just...freaky.

"C'mon, make do; it's not a big deal; it's one night that need never be mentioned again."

And just then, Dean and Nancy (married chaperones) came to our rescue.

"We have two single beds in our room. Would you like to switch rooms?"

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for twin beds! I think I had never truly appreciated single beds until that moment.

Tom was too kind (or too embarrassed?) to say anything, but I'm pretty sure he was as relieved as I was.

And then, out our window, the sunset was glorious: brilliant pinks, hazy blues, dusky purples, shimmering silver. That would have been amazing enough on its own, but add in the "twin bed blessing" God's power displayed in two different ways!

Okay, the sunset was more impressive, no doubt about it. But I was still thankful for the beds.

So, anyway, enjoy the photos for a little visual vacation. And, if you're like me, dream of the day you'll get back there.

Next time I'm going with John.

And I definitely want a double bed then.

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