Friday, February 12, 2010

My turn

Well, yesterday was finally my turn for the stomach bug which we've been sharing for the last two weeks. I really thought that I had managed to avoid it, but, no, it came and got me yesterday. It got me

Tuesday and Thursday of this week, I was the substitute Kindergarten teacher at Micah's school. This subbing has confirmed for me what I have suspected all along: I am not cut out to be a Kindergarten teacher. The kids are sweet (mostly) and the teacher left good directions, but - wow! - those kids are exhausting. At least now I can definitely cross "Kindergarten teacher" off my list of things to be when I grow up.

But this does mean that I was around sweet little Kindergarteners just a little while before I was ill and I worry that I spread my germs to them! Nothing I can do about it now, I suppose, but worry. And pray.

Yesterday, I was thankful again for my children as they turned into my nursing staff. They fetched glasses of water and heated rice packs in the microwave to warm my chills, fetched lotion and delivered tissues to my bedside. Unfortunately, my nursing staff had some rather noisy altercations with each other in the meantime, but I smiled to see them all sweetness and light when they came to help their patient.

So, this morning, I'm up at our usual time for school but the kids don't have school. Their teachers have a workshop day, so everyone is home except John who is already up and out to a breakfast meeting. I'm waiting to see how I feel before jumping into the day with both feet, and thought I'd use the time to catch you all up on the fascinating details of my illness.

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  1. Your nursing staff sounds a lot like mine. :) Does your nursing staff also urge you to relax while they "take care of everything", but somehow they "forget" what they were supposed to be taking care of? I hope you feel better soon.