Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have no theme or clever captions today, just a couple of pictures and a few thoughts to share. I can't be witty and clever *every* day! I took the above picture last week when Johanna, Sam and I went to Sam's Club. Sam loves going to Sam's Club - he calls it "My Club" and begs to go there just for fun! Or maybe it's for the pizza and Slushee lunch I usually get them.
Here is Micah working on his science fair project - the classic volcano eruption. We made two volcanoes (water bottles and salt dough) and compared a small top eruption to a larger top eruption. I don't know how valuable the exercise was, but it's done and, for us in the Shaw household, that's what counts. We're more of a socially scientific family - give us a good history or literature or civics project and we're all over it, but regular old science? Not so much. John actually breaks out in hives when it's science fair time.
So, Micah finished and today he presented for the judges. Tomorrow the parents will gather for the awarding of prizes. We don't expect to garner any attention, but we will be just as proud as if Micah had a blue ribbon.
We'll also tell him that only nerds win science fairs and he's much too cool for that. That won't do any lasting damage, will it?

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