Thursday, December 31, 2009

Round Two

Round two of the pink eye/ear infection has begun. Thankfully, Micah was able to wait for the doctor's office appointment today rather than spending five hours in the ER as we did with Johanna. But he was pretty miserable. He didn't really mention anything until about 9 p.m. and by that time he was in some serious pain. I dosed him up on children's Tylenol, but it was still about 1:30 a.m. before he could relax enough to sleep. I confess that about midnight, I decided to cheat and give him some of Johanna's amoxacillin. He obviously has the same thing and I figured the sooner he started antibiotics the better. I don't know if it was that or the magic of sleeping on the couch by the gently lit Christmas tree, but he finally nodded off.

I, however, stayed awake wondering who would be the next to fall. Is it my imagination or do my eyes look a little red to you?


  1. aww, anne, hope they all feel better soon

  2. You can also take some fresh minced garlic and saute it in olive oil.....when the oil is saturated with garlic, you suck it out in an eye dropper, let it cool a bit, then put it in their ears. I know it sounds gross, but it is a homeopathic method for helping ear infections.