Monday, December 14, 2009


One of the things I loved, adored actually, about WordPress is that it has a cool chart which shows how many people have visited my blog on any given day. This chart is a wonderful comfort when I start to wonder if anyone is actually reading my blog or if I'm just babbling into cyber-space.

Blogger doesn't have any such chart and that's a bummer because now the burden falls on all of you to reassure me that I have a few readers. I'm not looking for fame and fortune here (although if it found me, I'd be okay with that...especially the fortune part) but I do like to know that someone is reading and enjoying what they're reading.

I am one of those people wearing the sandwich board which reads, "Will work for affirmations of approval." Maybe it's a middle child thing, maybe it's my sensitive, artistic nature (i.e. I can't read a map or do mental math beyond single digits). It's really superdy-duper easy to leave a comment on Blogger, so please, leave me a comment, even if it's just, "I read your blog and I approve this message," or "Kilroy was here and enjoyed your post." Pretty please with a cherry on top?

And now there are these three little buttons at the bottom of each post - easier than the Staples' Easy button! You just pick one and I know you've read! See, I'm all about being easy. I mean my blog is easy, not me. You know what I mean.


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  1. Anne, I do read your blog--I check for new entries almost every day. It is fun to hear about your exciting life in the north country. And Dad and I will be there shortly to share some of your cold and snow. Can't wait. I mean I can't wait to see you and yours, not the snow.