Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Reading List

One of my goals for this year...

(Notice I say "goals" and not "resolutions." This distinction is important as a goal is always there no matter how often I fail, but a resolution is broken as soon as I fail.  And I will fail.  But I'll try again because my goal will always beckon and never shame me for failing.) to read more books.  I do read and always have, but more and more I find that my attention span doesn't last long enough for me to finish a book.  Non-fiction has always been particularly hard for me to get through.  

So, I go play on the internet - pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest takes much less attention than following an argument or even a plot through a couple of hundred pages.

I was killing time before picking up a kid from basketball practice the other day and picked up a book from the sale rack.  It is called 

and is the story of two girls from the University of Iowa who went to New York City in the summer of 1945 to find work and ended up as couriers on the sales floor of Tiffany & Co.

It is a fun, quick read and a lovely picture of a brief moment in time.  They see many celebrities, like Judy Garland on her honeymoon with Vincente Minnelli, and meet a few; go "clubbing" at the Stork Club and La Martinique; eat lunch at the automat; watch the parade for General Eisenhower from the steps of the New York Public Library; and have all sorts of other adventures, only some of which make it into their carefully edited letters home!  

In a completely different vein, I am also reading 

by Jen Hatmaker.  She takes the five women named in Jesus' lineage and encourages women to see themselves as our Creator sees us, not as others see us.  I'm only two chapters in, but so far it's very encouraging.  

I'm always leary of books like this because authors can so easily use Scripture as proof texts for their own agenda, and someone like Jen Hatmaker can do it while making me laugh (although I don't think she has done it.  Not yet, anyway.).  It takes a level of discernment I hope I have.

My list of books to get to is long and only getting longer, but hopefully this year I will be diligent in using what down time I have to knock out a few, learn something new and extend my rapidly dwindling attention span.

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