Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Soccer Post

Soccer dominates our lives right now, so, yes, here is another post about soccer.

Well, really about two particular soccer players.

Here's Will, leading the pack.  He plays defense - stopper - and does a bang up job bootin' it out from in front of our goal.  He is a formidable presence back there, as you may imagine.

Micah plays left wing.  Basically, from what I can tell, his job is to run up and down the left side of the field like a crazy man for 90 minutes.  

He claims it's more complicated than that, but I'm just callin' it like I see it.

This picture's caption is something like, "Mom, quit taking our picture."

And this is the moment right after.  Goofballs, the both of 'em.

The bandaging on Micah's finger is from a few weeks ago when he had stitches.  All better now, thankfully.

I must say, I know way more about soccer now than I ever expected I would, and, yes, more than I ever wanted to.  But sometimes we have to sacrifice a little ignorance for the sake of our kids.  I'm all about the sacrifice.

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