Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fleeting Days of Summer

This summer is just flying by!

It's much better than last summer, in that all of our busy-ness is fun - meaning, not moving from Minnesota to Pennsylvania- but, still, it's busy, and busy days go fast!

Right after school was out, the three oldest kids went to Beaver Falls to participate in a musical theater camp at Geneva for two weeks.  They had a blast!

Will and Micah also participated in sports camps at the same time, so that kept them out of trouble.  Mostly.

John, Johanna, Sam, Evie, and I went to the final performance and the next day we all went on westward, first to Columbus, OH, then to Green Bay, WI, via Vandalia, OH.  

While we were visiting brother Jeff and his family in Green Bay, we visited Great-Grandma L.  She is 97 now, and sharp as a tac.

Evie and Grandma charmed each other.

Then, on to St. Paul, MN, aka "home."

We packed four days with as much friend time as we could manage!  Not a moment was wasted!  The kids all had sleep overs, nearly every night; we had a church picnic one evening; dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and brunches at every turn; even a fellowship lunch at church on Sunday.  We stayed with Pat and Katie, so whatever time we had at "home" we were catching up and enjoying time with them. 

We came home worn out (add 23 hours of driving to all that talking, and that's what happens), but refreshed by the kind of sweet fellowship which only comes from hanging out with close friends. 

So thankful for friends and family across the country, and time to spend with them, even if only for short amounts of time.

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