Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Year

One year ago today we were arriving at our new house, heart-sick, road-weary, and miserable.  The heat, humidity and almost-constant rain; broken a/c; boxes everywhere; grit and grime of the former owners' 25 year residence; unfamiliar smells and sights; and complete lack of knowledge of the area only contributed to the misery.  

We were strangers in a strange land.  

We spent the first night all camped out in the family room because it has a small wall unit a/c.  

Not as much fun as it sounds.  

Bodies were lined up side-by-side on the floor or draped over couches left by the previous owners, heads propped up with favorite pillows, a desperate attempt at familiarity and comfort.  

Despite the small comfort of being all together, no one slept well.

Over the next days, we got the a/c fixed and started to sort out boxes.

Sorting out this new life was harder.  Where do we go for groceries?  Why do none of these streets go in a straight line?  Where should we go to church?  When will we be comfortable here?  Will we ever be comfortable here?  Will it ever feel like home?

Home for us was 20 hours and a million miles away.

And yet, the Lord knew.

Even as we planned our move in the months before, I had told the kids and tried to convince myself that God was already there, in Philadelphia, and He knew.  He knew all about our church, our school, our friends, our grocery stores, our neighborhood.  He knew how we would struggle and how many tears we would cry, where we would fit, who would help us and who would befriend us. 

He knew that a year later it would feel more like home, even if we still long sometimes for our friends and church family in Minnesota and miss the Midwestern pace of life.

He knew.

I am so thankful for our new church, our school, our neighborhood.

(Edited to add that John's work community has been very welcoming to us as well, and that has been so helpful.)

I still haven't found a favorite grocery store within easy driving distance,but I must be content with church, school, and neighborhood, I suppose. 

Thank you, Lord, for your provision, your promises, and your peace.  You led us out from a green pasture, through a deep and treacherous valley, and into another wide and pleasant place, never leaving or forsaking us.

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