Monday, May 12, 2014

What a Weekend!

Last weekend was packed with excitement.

John couldn't come with us, but the kids and I drove to Beaver Falls to meet our new niece/cousin, to celebrate my birthday, to attend a New Song concert, and to celebrate Mom on her retirement.

Johanna has been so very excited to meet Aunt Katie's baby so she was one happy girl.  Unfortunately, the weekend was such a whirl that neither Johanna nor I got nearly enough baby time!  We'll just have to go back.

Sam was very sweet with little Leyna.  I love how all my kids love babies.  

Evie wasn't too sure about sharing the spotlight, but even when I was holding the baby, she was okay.  At one point, Evie climbed up beside me and put her head gently on the baby's head.  My heart melted.  Again.

Sunday was my birthday so we had a yummy ice cream cake for dinner and I got to open a few presents.  Best of all, I got to be with my extended family for the day.  

(The only damper was that John was missing from the fun.)

In the afternoon, Mom's "baby" - New Song - had a concert in which last year's group handed off to this year's group.  A number of New Song alumni had also made a special effort to be there in Mom's honor.  The above picture is of old and older New Songers singing "Freedom," a New Song tradition. 

After the new group sang a piece together, the concert was over, but not before Olivia presented Mom with a book of rememberances from former New Songers, and thanked her for her many years of love and hard work.  This is Mom's 24th year as director.

Following the concert, we held a reception in Mom's honor.  Above, Mom poses with Lindsay Shaffer, the new director, and Vicki Smith, former assistant director.  Both Lindsay and Vicki are former students of Mom's and former New Song members.

And, finally, before we all went our seperate ways that evening, we got a picture of all of the grandkids together: Tom's, Anne's, and Katie's.  This is maybe the best picture we've ever gotten of these kids all together.  Well, of course, it's the best (and only) group picture of Leyna, but of all the others, too!

A lovely weekend with family, celebrating one of the most wonderful women I know: Mrs. C./ my mom.


  1. Congratulations to Katie on the birth of Leyna! Ahhh, Freedom. I do believe my group started that tradition!


    1. You did! You guys were Mom's first group and that was the year Freedom was "adopted." The harmonies have changed through the years - the beauty of aural tradition - but it is essentially the same, and always a favorite. :)