Monday, February 10, 2014

Evie's Baptism

This was a day we thought might never come -

the day we had Evie baptized, signifying her place as a covenant child.

First, our family was officially received as members (all except John who is a member of the presbytery), then John and I took the vows of baptism, promising to raise Evie "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

John had the privilege of placing the water on her head and baptizing her Evangeline Mary Shaw.

(If this idea of infant baptism seems strange/unbiblical/way-out-there, go read this article for a fairly quick, fairly simple explanation.)

Look at this!  Five covenant children!  I am the least deserving of so much blessing!

I was very happy that my sister and her husband were in town to help us celebrate the day.  Having family here was wonderful.

(I forgot to drag them into one of our pictures, though!  I'm a bad sister!)

I was sorry that neither John's parents nor mine were able to be with us, but health and busy schedules prevented it.  I still felt the blessing of the many parents before us in both of our families who baptized their children and prayed for the Lord to preserve His covenant with their family.  Evie is simply the latest LeMahieu, Van Ess, Copeland, Edgar to recieve the sign and seal of baptism.  

Surely, we had a great cloud of witnesses cheering yesterday.

We were also happy to share this day with our new church family at Calvary OPC.  

I was missing our Mission church family, though, and all the more so as John preached and it felt so familiar.  I was homesick for the folks who loved and encouraged and supported us through all of the ups and downs of the adoption process and were the first church family to love on Miss Evie.  I couldn't help wishing we could have celebrated with all of them, as well.

I'm glad you all can't see me bawling my eyes out right now!

We are truly thankful to the Lord for his endless goodness and mercy and we pray that Evie will know that mercy and goodness all the days of her life.

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