Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Day at the Beach

Last weekend, my brother and his family came to visit.  

They arrived Thursday evening, amid much excitement and rejoicing!

On Friday, we kicked around some ideas, but ended up staying home for the day.  The kids were just as happy to play with cousins, and as an super bonus, Tom and Ava unpacked boxes and organized a couple of rooms.  Most importantly, they (mostly Ava) organized the kitchen.  

I can become almost paralyzed when unpacking because I'm trying to "see" the whole thing at once, deciding where to put something that is the "perfect" place, for size, shape, and function!  Ava comes in and see things totally differently and kindly worked her magic for me!  

She and Tom assured me that she likes that sort of thing, so don't worry; I won't make you clean my kitchen when you come to visit!  

Anyway, the next day, we drove to Wildwood, NJ, to visit the beach.

Miss Evie was totally adorable as always!

Before we went, Johanna assured me that this was going to be totally boring because the last beach we went to (in California) she couldn't swim because of the dangerous rip tides.  

She was pleasantly surprised by the New Jersey beach.  She and Maggie had a total blast going in the water.  No complaints of boredom!  

This picture (above) was taken before Will joined in the fun, but it has the rest of the kids.  

Sam spent about 60% of the time in the water and 40% playing in the sand.  

No one wanted to leave at suppertime, but hungry tummies prevailed and we went and got food on the boardwalk.  

We returned home worn out, but content with a good day!

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