Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's New

Well, these weeks going at break-neck speed now.  Feeling rather like an avalanche at the moment.

Last Thursday, a crew from North American Van Lines loaded up most of our worldly goods and drove away!  

Friday, we drove to Kansas City to visit my grandfather and to visit E's birth mom.  Not a relaxing weekend, but a good one, and I'm so glad we were able to do it.  Driving eight hours is much easier than whatever lengthy trek it will be from Philly.

Monday, we dropped off John at the airport so he could fly to Philly.  Yesterday he closed on our new house, and today all of our worldly goods were unloaded and stacked neatly in our new home.  

Monday, after we dropped off John, the kids and I drove "home" to Pat and Katie's house.

Tuesday, the kids stayed with a friend (thank you, Suzanne!), while a small crew and I cleaned the empty house.  Rather shocking and embarrassing to see what all you missed under that furniture!  Not that I'm a spotless housekeeper (Alright, who's choking? Very funny.), but I didn't think the dust bunnies were THAT prolific!

Today, we...I can't even remember what all we did today.  I remember that I actually got a nap in, but the effects of the nap have long since diminished in the hectic afternoon and evening.

Friday, John, Johanna, Sam, Evie and I leave for California.  Along the way we hope to see Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons among other natural beauties, including Christina Stegall Hitchcock.  ;)  We'll be gone for two weeks - one for travel and one for the meeting of the OPC General Assembly near San Francisco.

The two older boys will be staying with friends for a week and then going to camp for a week so they will miss Old Faithful, but we'll take lots of pictures and rub it in.

After that we'll be in St. Paul area for another week and then head East on the 22nd.  

Everyone is doing well, physically and emotionally, or at least as well as can be expected.  We all have our moments and continued prayer is very much appreciated.  Mostly we are extremely thankful for the friends we have here, for the way God works out details, and for His strength and grace to accomplish more in a day than I thought possible in a week.  

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  1. You are so sweet! It was great having you guys here!