Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adoption Update

Some time ago on here, I wrote an update on our adoption, in which I basically said, "Nothing has happened.  Nothing is happening.  Nothing is going to happen."  Well, I think I said it more eloquently than that, but that was the gist.

For a long time after that, nothing did happen.  John and I finally set a date and said that if we didn't hear anything by that date, we would call our agencies and ask to be taken off the lists, removed from active status.

But then...

Isn't that a great little phrase?  "But then..."

But then, two weeks before that date, we got a call.  THE call.

Our rep from Faithful Adoption Consultants, Jessica, called and said that a birth mom had seen our profile book and had chosen us to parent her baby!

I had to ask Jessica to confirm that several times before I could really believe it.

Almost exactly four years ago, we started the process of getting home study approved.

Almost exactly three years ago, we had an adoption match from North Carolina fall through.

And for three long years, we waited, sometimes with hope and sometimes without.  Sometimes confident that surely God had a baby for us and she would come to us soon.  Sometimes with a heart-breaking certainty that God had another plan and our dream of adopting would dwindle and fade to nothing.

And now we wait again.  But this is a very different kind of waiting.  This waiting is much more fun.  We watch the calendar and mark off the days as the due date approaches.

Baby Girl Shaw is due in January of 2013, and we can hardly wait to have her in our arms.

After all of the ups and downs of the last four years, we remain cautious, whether we want to or not, we do.  But at the same time we have already given our hearts to this baby girl, whether we want to or not, we have.

And, above all, we remain confident that God has a good plan for all of this.

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