Saturday, October 6, 2012

God's love

Like most people, I have a number of friends around me who are going through rough times, even passing through the valley of the shadow of death with someone they love.  This quote from Paul David Tripp resonated with me when I came across it the other day.  It is from his essay "The Radical Implications of Eternity" in These Last Days, published by P&R Publishing.

Tripp builds off of 1 Peter 1: 3-9 by saying:

"God will take you where you never intended to go, in order to produce in you what you could not achieve on your own.  He will drive you beyond your strength.  He will drive you beyond your wisdom.  He will drive you beyond your own imagined righteousness, because he knows that true righteousness only begins when you come to the end of yourself.  We must not think of trials and griefs and testings as a sign of God's unfaithfulness and inattention.  They are a sure sign of his eternal commitment and covenantal love."

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