Thursday, August 16, 2012

RPI 2012

A few weeks ago, 
our family went to the Reformed Presbyterian International Conference
in Marion, Indiana.

This is a conference that I grew up attending every four years and it was something we looked forward to for all of those four intervening years.

So, it was fun to go again and see old friends and even older family (sorry, couldn't resist) as well as young family members.  This time was extra fun to watch my own kids make friends and have a great time that week.

Sister Katie and her new husband were there for a few days and made a splash with a memorable performance during the talent show.

One evening, we had a Copeland family reunion with cousins, cousins, and cousins!  

Some of the time, we just hung out, waiting for the next big event, usually lunch or supper.

Here is Sam with his cousin, Ian (far right), and a new friend, Sam, from Kansas.  (We went to college with his parents!)

Here is Micah with his friends, Nathan and Maria.

And here is Johanna with her friend, Abigail, from Indiana.

The main speaker was Joel Beeke and his talks on personal holiness were so helpful.  It was a pleasure to sit and listen to him for an hour every morning as well as attend several worship services with RP pastors in the pulpit.  

And the Psalm singing...

Well, if you haven't heard 2,000+ RPs singing the Psalms, I can't describe it.  At the least, I can say it is memorable.  

We are thankful we got to go and look forward to going back in four years!

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