Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding of the Year

Nine days ago (but who's counting?), our family participated in the Wedding of the Year.

Or, really, the Wedding of the Decade.

My sister was the beautiful bride.  Isn't she beautiful?

She married Sean Donaldson, who promises fair to be a good brother-in-law.

Oh, and a good husband for Katie.

The day was clear and sunny, warm but not too hot, and everyone looked his best.

Ten-year-old Johanna and her cousin, Maggie, were the Jr. Bridesmaids and looked so pretty.

Sam and his cousin, Ian, were ring-bearers.  So handsome in their little tuxedos.  Sam was especially taken with his shiny black shoes and used his napkin at the reception to polish them!

John, William and Micah were ushers.  We found black suits for them and they wore ties and pocket squares to match those in tuxedos.  Will had the honor of escorting his grandmother, the mother of the bride, to her seat.

I was the matron of honor.  I was thrilled to be given the job - not thrilled with the elderly sounding "matron" - but thrilled with the honor.

The picture is rather dark, just taken on my little camera, but it gives you an idea of how we looked.

Now that the honeymooners are home, I can start pestering them for the professional pictures!

The happy (ridiculously happy, glowing with in-loveness) couple, honeymooned in Nova Scotia and will resume residence in the Pittsburgh area.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.  Reminiscent of an English country garden.  This is Katie's bouquet, above.  The florist guessed that she had probably found the last four peonies in the state!  And they really perfected the bouquet.

So, when the wedding festivities and family time were closing, we packed up again and headed to Ohio to see John's parents for a couple of days.  We arrived home in Minnesota tired and happy to be home, but so thankful for a great trip and a wonderful wedding.


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  2. bleh. I left a comment. It left it twice. I deleted a comment. It deleted both, near as I can tell. So I shall try again and let it go no matter how many times it shows up, ok?

    is it possible there were A Lot of leftover cookies from this beautiful event with beautiful women? Because it happens that last Sunday after evening service, Titus asked us all to go downstairs and "help with the work" cleaning up from the wedding. I am happy to say I helped with a buckeye and a marzipan strawberry, and am sure the rest of my crew helped out, too. :)

  3. Yes, we did have a lot left over and you reaped the benefit! :) I'm even more sorry to have missed the evening service now as I might have finally met you in person! LOL! We were all wiped out on Sunday, though, and probably wouldn't have heard much of the sermon anyway. And all the snoring would have kept everyone else from hearing, etc. so we stayed away. :) Anyway, glad you all enjoyed the cookies. Weren't those strawberries incredible? I don't know who made them but they were beautiful.