Friday, February 17, 2012

Gettin' Crafty!

I haven't done a craft project for a long time, but some recent items on Pinterest conspired to motivate and inspire me.  I decided to make a Valentine's Day craft, just for fun.

I had this enormous old dictionary.  Months ago, I nearly threw it out - we have another enormous dictionary, several smaller ones, and on-line resources, so I thought we could clear out one - but then I remembered some recent book page crafts I had seen and decided to keep it for future fun.

I also had some picture frames, just the cheapy $1 ones from Michael's.  Perfect for trying craft projects when you're not entirely sure of the outcome!
Then, of course, trusty Mod Podge was on hand, to hold the whole project together.
These little book page roses were easy and turned out so cute, I think I'll be coming back to this craft.

I decoupaged scraps of dictionary pages onto the frame and trimmed it with my Cutco paring knife ( I did NOT cut myself.  This time.).  I made three frames like this.  Then I sprayed the cardboard insert with chalkboard paint and wrote what I thought was an appropriate Valentine's Day message:

For a tutorial on how to make the paper roses and to see my project on steroids, check out this link:

I made three frames like this and one slightly different for my sister, all in the space of time required to watch "While You Were Sleeping."  It was a good evening.  


  1. very, very nice. I find myself wondering if you just used random pages or chose special words...

    1. Seemed like it could get complicated if I tried to choose particular words, so I just chose randomly. I do try to make sure I avoid some words, though! :)