Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, who'd a' thunk?

Twenty-*mumble* years ago, I played on the volleyball team at my high school, BCCS.  My senior year, I was a co-captain, mostly because I was a senior, but still, I was a captain. 

Fast forward twenty-*mumble* years with no volleyball playing in that time, and we get to today when I officially began my new (volunteer) job as assistant volleyball coach for the middle school girls' team. 

Yes, it's a prestigious title, no doubt about it. 

Okay, it may not be prestigious, but it is fun.

Johanna is on the team, making it 4th through 8th grade, so we're a young team playing in the 8th grade division.  We may not win many matches.  We may not win *any* matches.  But the players are learning and hopefully having fun, getting better and getting ready for the next year. 

I really didn't think I'd be coaching volleyball, but here I am.  And I'm glad.

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