Monday, June 27, 2011

New Post

I have sat down in front of the computer countless times, even downloaded pictures into the post form, but have always been distracted and/or called away to other things.  Obviously, life around here hasn't really slowed down much since the end of the school year!

In fact, today is the first day in a long time when we have all six of us together for the day - no camps or play dates or meetings for any of us.  And how do we celebrate this event?  With chore charts! 

Even Sam had a chore chart this morning: get dressed & put away dirty clothes (okay, technically, that's two), complete 1 page of math workbook, complete 1 page of phonics book, wipe down doorknobs and light switches.  He finished his work in a timely manner and has been bugging his siblings and me ever since.

Maybe his list needs to be longer.

The other kids have lists which are considerably longer, including reading for an hour, various school-type tasks, and several house-cleaning chores. 

This has been a favorite method of torture around here for several summers, so the initial handing out of lists was without much comment or resistance.  As the work has dragged on, though, attitudes have deteriorated.  Thus we work on our mutual sanctification as well as mental and physical skills. 

So, that's what's happening at Casa de Shaw today. 

I'll include a picture to inspire you in your own tasks today:

St. Andrew's Cathedral, St. Andrew's, Scotland


  1. there is a lot to be said for summer chores. :)

  2. Hey, did you get my phone message a couple of weeks ago? We're back in Sioux Falls, and if you guys are still looking for a place to take a trip, we'd love to have you!